GHD Straightener

GHD Straightener, every style conscious lady has one. Listed in the top 5 must have gadgets for girls over the last ten years. We all know they come at a price. A new pair of GHD stylers can set you back over £100 but you girls swear by them.

GHD Canada

Personally I don't need to use them, I am a middle aged guy with short reseeding hair but I speak to you girls all the time running a busy professional GHD repairs business. We have a customer service telephone line so I quite often get a few stories about what is wrong with the faulty GHD's. I have to say I surprised to hear that more and more I am hearing of complaints from customers who return the faulty GHDs outside the warranty period with the manufacturer. Now I cannot say that all these stories are completely accurate but I would suggest you contact the manufacturer before you send in your out of warranty GHD Canada in for repair to make sure they are able to repair them or not and also that it will not cost them a big fee to have them returned to you if they are not.

Cheap GHD sale

A note of warning, I have heard from dozens of people who send in the older shape GHD irons in for repairs that they are often told that parts are no longer available for these models and they cannot be repaired. I have also heard that there is a fee of about £10 to have these faulty GHD's returned to their rightful owners. This obviously leaves the owners of the faulty Cheap GHD sale with an expensive dilemma. Before they even start looking for another GHD repair service it will cost them an extra £10 just to get THEIR GHD's back to them, it has all ready cost them the true cost of sending the irons say tops £5 in the first place to the manufacturer. So that is £15 just to be have their own irons back before looking to find a company that will professionally repair their high end Cheap GHD hair straighteners fixed.